My name is Mike Lockhart, and this is my web log. I am a senior support sysadmin and larval web hacker for a well known Australian Open Source web content management company. I do mainly Linux and Matrix work, and dabble in some other languages and projects in my Copious Free Time. Before this, I worked for nearly 15 years in EDS and Hewlett Packard on lots of different systems.

I live in Tasmania, where I grew up, returning here from New South Wales, in late 2013 with my family (my lovely wife Jenny, three sons and a dog). We all feel very lucky to be living here, with family close at hand and an awesome, friendly and welcoming community around us.

This web

On this web site you will find posts, pages, pictures and code that is in connection with my interests. I try to keep the stuff here as general as possible — any work-specific writings live behind a company firewall. This means that what you see and read here is (or was ) my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or directions of my employers (past, present or future).

This is the third iteration of my blog. The archive has old posts that I've migrated from blogger and wordpress, though those are still online to be read in their original form. On the Net, I go by the handle sinewalker, and while after 20 years I think I've outgrown it, it's still a unique username in most places.

20160912 - I've decided to remove the comment system (Google Plus): No-one comments anyway, and it adds heaps to the site load time and bandwidth. There's not much point in costing visitors that overhead for something that isn't used.

Contacting me

Feel free to contact me on g+ or by e-mail, to share your thoughts.

Sensitive data may be emailed to me using my public key with fingerprint 3CCA2E6EBCBE8795(

How this web site is made

Posts are typed using the Dvorak keyboard layout into Emacs on either a PowerBook Mac, or a computer running openSUSE, usually on a Truly Ergonomic Computer Keyboard or a Sun Type 6 keyboard with rearranged key caps.

Posts are generated from a mix of markup languages (typically Markdown or iPython Notebooks), using the Nikola static web site and blog generator, and published to GitHub Pages (via Nikola's github_deploy command). The site is reachable via my own DNS, or the GitHub one:

The source markup files and Nikola configuration are stored in my GHP repository on the src branch.

Prose content of all articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License, unless otherwise specified.