This post was originally published at and on 30 March 2006.

Well, here is the new Wordpress version of my blog!

So far, I'm pretty impressed with Wordpress. The code is much cleaner than Blogger, its post editor is far superior too. I love the Categories, they work much easier than the Blogger + Delicious kludge I had at my old blog.

The standard templates mostly have the same issue as Blogger — they are fixed-width columns for the most part. I hate that! I'll have to figure out how to change templates here too (or, migrate from the hosting site to my ISP's hosting site, which I may yet do…)

In the mean-time, I'll stick with one of the standard templates. This template I've found at least is variable-width — so the blog takes up all of your browser's window width — but I'm not keen on the white background. Oh well, it'll do until I get my own wordpress running.