Cygwin systray menu

This post was originally published at on 18 April 2006.

While I'm on the subject of Cygwin hacking, I discovered this man-page about the Cygwin X server: type man XWinrc and read about how you can hack your systray icon to include a little launcher menu for you favorite X clients 8)

Here's my .XWinrc for cygwin, which I prepared earlier:

MENU systray {
  xterm  EXEC "xterm -display %display%"
  mc EXEC "xterm -geometry 132x50 -display %display% mc"
  emacs EXEC "emacs -display %display%"
  xcalc EXEC "xcalc -display %display%"

ROOTMENU systray

The example from the man-page has options to xterm to turn on scroll bars and such, but for me, that is already taken care of by my .Xdefaults file:

XTerm.*.background : black
XTerm.*.foreground : white
XTerm.*.cursorColor : yellow
XTerm.*.cursorBlink : true
XTerm.*.scrollBar : true
XTerm.*.Font : -*-fixed-medium-*-*-*-15-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1
XTerm.*.curses : on
XTerm.*.multiScroll : on
XTerm.*.jumpScroll : on

XCalc.*.background : DarkSlateGrey
XCalc.*.foreground : Wheat

gnuplot*background: black
gnuplot*textColor: yellow
gnuplot*borderColor: grey
gnuplot*axisColor: white
gnuplot*line1Width: 2
gnuplot*line2Width: 2
gnuplot*line3Width: 2
gnuplot*line4Width: 2
gnuplot*line5Width: 2
gnuplot*line6Width: 2
gnuplot*line7Width: 2
gnuplot*line8Width: 2