I rescued some random drunk woman from the gutter (literally) on the way home to the train station this arvo.

After using contacts in her phone to try and get some help from friends or family (no one of either category) or neighbors (no answers), I decided to take her home as she said she only lived about a block away.

So, I and another woman bystander helped her home (we used the other woman's car around the corner to get there) and I took her up her steps. Then into the home (she couldn't use keys, took her three goes to find the right set...).

She slumped to the floor, slipped over backwards just like my little bub does. So, I propped her up with a cushion. I made sure she was okay to look after herself, got her a glass of water. She seemed only drunk, not stoned (not that I have a lot of experience there...). Left her alone to sober up and sleep it off. As I left she insisted on a hug. I guess she's okay ? She lives alone with cats, said she'd been drinking vodka, and that she had to go to a job interview (!?) I'm guessing that's why she was out in the street dressed up in a suit jacket. Very sad. Then I missed my train and got home late. So a bit of a downer, really.

If you ever feel stressed and lonely and try to get some "Dutch courage" before a job interview through drink, please rethink it.