Interesting Times

The old Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times seems to have struck us. I haven't written in a while, sorry. I guess this year's been a bit of a downer, with all the horrible things going on in the world.

The Australian people decided to vote to keep the backwards conservative coalition again. Forget about the planet, the country's economy or our future. Forget about freedom of the press, or high-speed internet (which would help with our growing transportation issues). Forget our nearest neighbor countries who face general flooding caused by global climate change, while our government approves a new coal mine for the sake of 100 permanent jobs. Forget about decent human values, basically. But at least they "stopped the boats". Hah, stopped reporting about them, we still turn them back. How good is that? How good is record floods and drought? How good is that fire in the Blue Mountains, or the ones we had in Tasmania this Summer? How good is 12MBit internet? How good is housing and hopsitals in Hobart? How good are our schools?

Christchurch. What a horrible thing to happen in the best country in the world.

Brexit. It'd be laughable, a comedy sketch better than anything from the Python Troupe, if it weren't also so disguistingly racist, driven by fear again, and fanned by the Murdocracy - indeed now their Prime Minister is a former Murdoch mogul.

Still more shootings in America, continued war in the Middle East, now a new oil crisis...

The Amazon is on fire. The Great Barrier Reef will get run-off from that new coal mine.

I worry for my kids future. I have a very negative outlook, I think we've missed our opportunity to fix any of it.

So yeah, a bit unmotivated to be honest.