Rotate screen KDE shortcut

We have a few spare monitors laying about at work, and I just grabbed one with a rotating stand, so I can switch it between Landscape and Portrait. This is nice, because it's got more pixels than my laptop's built-in screen, and it's also larger.

It's also very handy when viewing pages that are narrow and tall.

All I need now is a way to quickly switch the screen's orientation without digging through a GUI. This looks like a job for xrandr and KDE's Global Keyboard Shortcuts

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Firefox Spelling

I fixed my spelling problem in Firefox today:

The symptom: a bajillion variants of English and Spanish dictionaries are installed/available, and Firefox would always select Spannish (Cuba) on a restart -- then highlight mispelllings for me, in Spanish.

The problem: My default spelling language is set to en_AU for English (Australia), but this doesn't seem to be honoured on a restart. I have to select it from the spelling checker Languages list.

The fix: I'm unsure why, but changing the Firefox setting spellchecker.dictionary_path (in about:config) from /usr/share/myspell, which is present on my openSUSE 13.2, to /usr/share/aspell, which is not (I was thinking — incorrectly — that I was setting the name of an external spell checker program…) resolved this. Maybe Firefox was picking up system-wide settings in myspell? Other programs seem to spell correctly though… so it's a mystery to me.

Experience with Standing at Work

About a six months ago I started standing at work. There's been a lot of talk on the Net about the benefits of standing desks, and how the sedentary lifestyle of white-collar workers is slowly killing us. I'm not going to weigh in on that debate, but I thought that my experiences might be helpful for others who are considering making a switch to standing, and whether or not to purchase one of those fancy (and expensive) sit/stand desks.

This post is also partly in answer to this Simple Programmer Video.

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Mounting LUKS/LVM from a LiveUSB

After upgrading work's openSUSE laptop from 13.1 to 13.2 today it would not unlock the LUKS-encrypted LVM, which is a problem since the entire SSD is encrypted (except for /boot). Bummer.

So, I had occasion to test my backup/recovery strategy and found that I had a few issues (of course I did!)

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Fixing Java CA Certificates on openSUSE

Recently switched back to openSUSE after a brief stint with Ubuntu. I guess you need to try other things out to know how good you have it, eh?  Anyway, I'm playing with Leiningen and Quil, but for some reason or other, I could not get Leiningen to self-install, because of an exception: problem accessing trust Invalid keystore format

It turns out that the java keystore is somehow corrupt on OpenJDK / openSUSE 12.3. Not sure who's at fault, but here's how to fix it.

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