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Password databases: updating master key

It's been five years since I created my Unix password store, encypted with my GPG key pair password-store. That key expired and now I need to update my database to a new master key.

Now is also a good time to clear out the git history. My key has not (to my knowledge) been compromised, so I don't need to remove all instances of passwords encrypted with the old key, but it will be nice to clear out the old history.

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Password databases: setting up password-store on a Unix computer

Having covered what pass is, why I'm using it, and the required supporting tools gnupg, git, ssh and a private git remote, it's time to go over how to put the system together.

Setting it all up on a Unix computer is fairly straight-forward. Getting it onto an Android is a bit different. So in this post I'll cover how the pieces of the system fit together, and then walk through setting it up on Unix.

Synchronising your local password-store git repository with your remote store is done a bit differently depending if this is the first time you're setting up the remote, or if you already have a remote and you wish to merge it into your new local. I'll cover that too.

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