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Organising my bookmarks

This post was originally published at on 20 March 2006.

I've added the new “tag roll” and “link roll” to the right in this blog's template. Looks great, but examining my tags reveals I'm a bit disorganised, huh?

That's nothing, you should check out my tags in Flickr. Definitely could do with some improvement there.

Tags are a great idea. The trouble is, I'm uncertain how best to use them. That is, what are the best tag words to attach to a link or photo so that I can find the right one again? How can I best group my tags into Bundles to facilitate research? Should I even try?

I guess only experience will help. So I'll keep persevering :-). Also, since tags are social, looking at how other people have tagged their stuff could be instructive too.

meta-data standards

This post was originally published at on 27 August 2005

In reference to this Slashdot article about Internet meta-data standards

I would like to see more web sites adopt meta-data labelling standards and their presence be a factor in the ranking of the page. If more sensible pages had been indexed, Library-Of-Congress style (or whichever standard is adopted) then we would get many more relevant hits.

We would also get many people hacking the index by putting popular but irelevant meta-data into their pages… I haven't figured this one out yet. Perhaps if the meta-data is combined with some sort of AI that can read the page and judge if the tags are for-real, or just to seed the search engine… no this is far-out-future innovation stuff.