Firefox Spelling

I fixed my spelling problem in Firefox today:

The symptom: a bajillion variants of English and Spanish dictionaries are installed/available, and Firefox would always select Spannish (Cuba) on a restart -- then highlight mispelllings for me, in Spanish.

The problem: My default spelling language is set to en_AU for English (Australia), but this doesn't seem to be honoured on a restart. I have to select it from the spelling checker Languages list.

The fix: I'm unsure why, but changing the Firefox setting spellchecker.dictionary_path (in about:config) from /usr/share/myspell, which is present on my openSUSE 13.2, to /usr/share/aspell, which is not (I was thinking — incorrectly — that I was setting the name of an external spell checker program…) resolved this. Maybe Firefox was picking up system-wide settings in myspell? Other programs seem to spell correctly though… so it's a mystery to me.

Experience with Standing at Work

About a six months ago I started standing at work. There's been a lot of talk on the Net about the benefits of standing desks, and how the sedentary lifestyle of white-collar workers is slowly killing us. I'm not going to weigh in on that debate, but I thought that my experiences might be helpful for others who are considering making a switch to standing, and whether or not to purchase one of those fancy (and expensive) sit/stand desks.

This post is also partly in answer to this Simple Programmer Video.

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Mounting LUKS/LVM from a LiveUSB

After upgrading work's openSUSE laptop from 13.1 to 13.2 today it would not unlock the LUKS-encrypted LVM, which is a problem since the entire SSD is encrypted (except for /boot). Bummer.

So, I had occasion to test my backup/recovery strategy and found that I had a few issues (of course I did!)

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Fixing Java CA Certificates on openSUSE

Recently switched back to openSUSE after a brief stint with Ubuntu. I guess you need to try other things out to know how good you have it, eh?  Anyway, I'm playing with Leiningen and Quil, but for some reason or other, I could not get Leiningen to self-install, because of an exception: problem accessing trust Invalid keystore format

It turns out that the java keystore is somehow corrupt on OpenJDK / openSUSE 12.3. Not sure who's at fault, but here's how to fix it.

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Install Emacs24 Snapshot on Debian, Ubuntu and Windows 7

I just can't wait for Emacs24 to be released! (I know, it's in beta and it'll be officially released Real Soon Now, but my catalyst is Technomancy's ESK2 which is such an improvement over ESK1, and it needs Emacs 24).

In my last post I had steps to build emacs from source-code. This is worth following for hacker cred, but it soon gets tedious if you have a lot of systems to put emacs on. As pointed out by a few readers, there are some snapshot builds available for different platforms. This post lists steps for installing the pre-built snapshots, for the three operating systems that I use.

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Build and install Emacs24 on Debian squeeze

Hacking in Debian is so easy (one of the reasons I switched). Take, for instance, building Emacs. This is such a piece of cake compared to the weird hoops you have to go through to get all the build dependencies on other platforms. It's something I never tried before, simply because it was too daunting trying to figure out all the packages I need to install. But apt-get has this awesome --build-deps switch...

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